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Portable Durable Plant Growth LED Light

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  • Product Code: 293847003
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Main Features:
It can replace the sunlight to supplement the plants, strengthen the photosynthesis of plants, and promote the nutrition of plants, especially the digestion and absorption of certain trace elements
Conducive to plant rooting, long stems, leaves, to prevent plants from growing
It can accelerate the growth rate of fruit and vegetable plantlets, shorten the plant cycle, LED light source, high energy saving, and energy saving, and has strong heat dissipation and long service life
Number of beads: 120pcs
Lamp color: red light 84 + blue light 24 + white 6 + yellow 6
Lumen size: 500lm
Input voltage: 85 - 265V
Working frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Lamp power: 24W
Plastic material

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