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Household Tap Water Purifier Activated Carbon Filter Kettle

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  • Product Code: 342469701
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1. Material: PP
2. Water treatment machine category: pre-filter
3. Working principle; activated carbon
4. Filter element: activated carbon
5. Number of filter elements: 1
6. Efficacy: non-direct drinking
7. Use location: terminal water purification
8. Water pressure range: 0-0.5 (Mpa)
9. Daily processing capacity: 150 (L)
10. Water purification effect: In addition to virus, in addition to scale, in addition to heavy metals, in addition to organic matter, dechlorination, in addition to sediment, in addition to rust, in addition to bacteria, soften water
11. Filter level: 4 levels of filtering
12. Water output mode: single water
13. Replaceable filter: can
14. Filter element alarm device: support
15. Accessories type: water purifier filter
16.PP cotton filter layer, intercepting large particles of sediment, rust, floating objects are rejected
17. Ion exchange resin, reduce scale adsorption of ions in hard water, reduce scale and extend the service life of electrical appliances
18. Fine filter, control the water flow speed, filter 2L water only 5 minutes, filter to control the water flow speed, ensure that every drop of water is purified
19. Note: Do not filter hot water, the water temperature is controlled below 38 degree

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