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Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Kitchen Knife Cutting Board Scissors Food Cutter for Meat Vegetable

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  • Product Code: 190150701
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Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Kitchen Knife Cutting Board Scissors Food Cutter for Meat Vegetable
Brief Introduction
The smart cutter 2 in 1 knife and cutting board quickly chops your favorite food in seconds
Read all instructions and warnings on this sheet prior to using your smart cutter knife. Keep this instruction sheet for future reference.

- The smart cutter knife is a very sharp cutting instrument and you should handle it with care
- Your smart cutter should be used as a cutting tool
- Improper use can cause serious injury
- Keep this product away from children
- Contacting the blade may cause injury. Make sure to keep the blade away from your body and fingers
- Never use it for ice picking, chiseling, prying or anything other than its intended use
- Always store the blade clean and dry
- Never use a powder grinding wheel to sharpen your smart cutter knife, which can ruin the hardness of the blade
- Never expose your smart cutter knife to extreme heat or fire
- never clean the product in corrosive substances
- Discontinue use immediately if the blade is dull or the product is damaged in any way

Main Feature:
- Types of food to easily cut: apples, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, corn, cheese, salami, potatoes, onions, bread, chicken, steak, etc.
- With locking safety hinge, safe to use
- Dishwasher safe: hand wash or use your dishwasher to clean the product
- Clean your smart cutter before its first use
- To use the knife by itself: detach the knife from the cutting board by gripping each handle and pulling them apart. Slide knife from cutting board portion
- To reassemble: slide the knife back into the opening with the sharp edge of the blade facing the cutting board, then squeeze both handles together until they lock in place with a snap

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